Cima del Mundo

“The house is an entire experience an unmistakable personality that is a perfect melding of old and new”.

Cima del Mundo was a labor of love for all of the people involved. The tone was set by the owners who had fallen for Cima del Mundo and its rich history and desired to take this “gem” and “polish it”. After interviewing many Architects in LA and Santa Barbara, Bryant Design Studio was commissioned to evaluate all aspects of the property and come up with concepts to update the 1925 “Manor House”. Many features being completely outdated for modern living, the task was to keep those features that gave the home its character and update only that which was necessary. As the project progressed we continuously asked what would have been done when the home was built, but without making it a restoration. The end result is a seamless remodel of a magnificent home where the modern hand is not evident, and no detail was left to chance.