Villa di Toscana

Since much of central California reminds one of the central regions of Italy, Tuscany and Umbria, it is only appropriate to bring the those styles of Italy here, especially when the Family has roots to that area of Italy.

This custom residence is a Tuscan Villa set on a hill overlooking the rural farmlands of central California with distant mountains as their backdrop. The carved stone columns and details against the rich ocher plaster facade and red terra-cotta roof tiles, all these element say to you that you are in an old world Tuscan villa, but with all of the modern amenities. With a business executive owner the home was design with a formal central core, including front motorcourt, entry, stair, library & dining with central formal garden allies as a finishing touch. But also, with a large extended Italian family with farming and restaurateur backgrounds, the home has a open large informal family area, in and out of doors, for year-around entertaining.